Wind-Up Wednesday: Paper Horses and Kids

Yesterday was a deep thinking kind of day. I blogged about death and went on to read through Leviticus, Numbers, and listen to 6 hours of lectures about the Old Testament and Evangelism. Top that off with a Presidential debate and you have a day full of important things that need to be remembered. If you are at all like me, sometimes you need a break from those things in order to recharge, or wind down, or maybe wind up to get ready for the second half of the week. Thus begins a new feature for this blog: Wind-Up Wednesdays: a time to get re-energized to finish up the week. Another blog I follow, Kevin DeYoung's (linked on the side of this blog), has "Monday Morning Humor" for all of us pastors that need a little pick-me-up after a long day of ministry on Sunday. This is in that same vein. Some of these will be from him, others will be funny things I discover along the way. If you have ideas for future Wednesdays, please let me know.

I found this on another blog from a fantasy author I read. If you have kids, you should relate. If not, it is still pretty hilarious.


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