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Worship Wednesdays Are Coming

Has it really been almost two years since I posted? So much has happened, and I think blogging again is long overdue. Two years ago I was happily married, serving in full-time ministry, and looking ahead to many years doing what I loved. That was my plan, but God had other ideas. His desire is for me to be like Jesus, and He had a better path to accomplish this. Granted, I wouldn't have chosen this way, but that's why I'm not the One in charge.

So, here are the highlights  (lowlights?) of His plan for me: My marriage will be over soon after the new year, I'm no longer serving in ministry, I'm at a new church, following a new career path, and my life is headed in a new direction. There is much that can be said about all of that, and I will take the time to explain over the months ahead.

It has been a long, hard road since October of 2017. But in the midst of all the change, God has remained constant, good, and an anchor for my soul. While many friends have fallen a…