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Worship Wednesdays Are Coming

Has it really been almost two years since I posted? So much has happened, and I think blogging again is long overdue. Two years ago I was happily married, serving in full-time ministry, and looking ahead to many years doing what I loved. That was my plan, but God had other ideas. His desire is for me to be like Jesus, and He had a better path to accomplish this. Granted, I wouldn't have chosen this way, but that's why I'm not the One in charge. So, here are the highlights  (lowlights?) of His plan for me: My marriage will be over soon after the new year, I'm no longer serving in ministry, I'm at a new church, following a new career path, and my life is headed in a new direction. There is much that can be said about all of that, and I will take the time to explain over the months ahead. It has been a long, hard road since October of 2017. But in the midst of all the change, God has remained constant, good, and an anchor for my soul. While many friends have fall