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It's been interesting reading my "About" page. So much has changed recently, but there is still so much to be thankful for. Here's a little about me.

I am the oldest of the three sons. I'm recently single and live with my three amazing daughters: Charis, Selah, and Trinity. Charis is in the middle of middle school, and Selah and Trinity are ruling the elementary school next door. All of them have wonderful singing voices and love to think of me as their Prince Charming. We like watching movies, playing games, hanging with our little doggie, and sometimes just being crazy. We do our best to make our unique family work. It is difficult at times, but God has shown me so much of His love through it all.

Currently, I serve as part of the worship team at The Gathering in Chattanooga, TN. I'm loving being a part of the amazing team there. I get to play piano, guitar, mandolin, bass, and sing a little too. The people there are so gracious and I'm constantly blown away by the way they have welcomed me into this church. I've also enjoyed playing with a local band in Chattanooga called Backwater Still. This is yet another thing I never expected, but thoroughly enjoy. You can find us on Facebook and hear us play all over TN and north Georgia.

My job is one I never thought I would have. It didn't even exist when I was in college. I'm the Social Media Coordinator for a large promo products company called Gold Bond, Inc. (not the powder company). Basically, I get to design cool graphics, make videos, and tell the world all about our cool products and great culture. It's a family owned operation, and even though there's a few hundred of us, it's a tight group.

As for the trivial things, yes, I am a Cubs fan. In fact, I love all Chicago sports, except for the White Sox (after all, a man cannot serve two masters). In my spare time I love watching movies with the family, playing disc golf, reading good novels, and playing real board games. Cooking is also a passion, and I'm always trying to expand my technique with the grill.

As for this blog, I think it is an outlet for my greatest passion, thinking deeply about God's Word and how it impacts everything. I love how practical theology is and how it tints the colors of everything around us, whether we notice it or not. My goal is to notice it, and to see how God is working and how I should respond in light of His work. As an adopted son of the King, redeemed by the blood of the Lamb, I am trying to do my part for the Kingdom in service to my Lord, Jesus Christ.


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