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Wind-Up Wednesday: Flight Safety Briefing

It's been a while since a Wind-up Wednesday, but it's time they come back. A midweek recharge is a needed thing for most of us, and hopefully this spot of humor will brighten your day a bit. The rap starts about a minute into the video... enjoy!

Restarting Life

I like being comfortable. I enjoy a routine, knowing what's coming next and how to get there. It's the comfort of that purple line on a GPS, a filled in calendar on my smart phone, or a clearly marked Order of Service for the time of weekly worship. The comfort of the known only comes after being in the same place, doing the same thing, for a long time. For the Huff family, all that got thrown out the window a few weeks ago. Now we've hit the "Restart" button on life and are beginning anew with everything down in beautiful Hixson, Tennessee. We are firmly in the unknown, learning new streets, new faces, and new routines. But it isn't completely new. We are still with the same family. Sure, the names and faces are different, but we're still related to one another through Christ. Plus, our little family of five is back together, bringing some known quantities. And, most importantly, our God remains the same, yesterday, today, and forever . Over the pas

Sunday Singables: "Not In Me"

I'm back from the WorshipGod Conference in Louisville. Let me tell you, it was amazing. I feel like I have a dozen things I need to do NOW, but realistically I hope to get to them over the next year or so. Anyway, I'll be posting a lot about what I learned from there, as well as sharing some incredible songs, starting with this one for today: "Not In Me" by Eric Schumacher & David Ward, released on Songs for the Book of Luke  from The Gospel Coalition (2013) This song is one of many that were written by artists around the country for this past years' Gospel Coalition conference. All the songs are based on passages from the book of Luke. This particular one is a song of confession, picturing what a repentant Pharisee might have prayed had he the heart to come to the Lord. Why I recommend this song for worship- In our church we take a time each Sunday for confession. Traditionally this is in the form of a prayer. I believe another effective way to co