A Wide Receiver Receives Christ

The following conversation took place today on ESPN.  It addresses ESPN analyst Stephen A. Smith's response to Bears wide receiver Brandon Marshall's conversion to evangelical Christianity. I applaud Brandon Marshall's use of scripture and his desire to apply his belief's and convictions to all of life. Stephen seems to want to compartmentalize his beliefs and keep them in church on Sunday. I think this is an excellent example of the wide range of "Christianity" in our culture. Whether you like the Bears or think Marshall's conversion is genuine or not, it is evident that he is trying to apply scripture to all aspects of his life, letting scripture govern his decisions. I think that is an example we all should follow, as well as knowing from scripture why we should live as Christ called us to live.

So, what did you think? Were they both right? Was Smith correct in saying that new believers should keep the preaching to themselves for a while? Was Marshall right in challenging Smith to keep his comments towards fellow believers more civil? I hope that God continues to work in both these men's lives to draw them closer to Himself through His Word.



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