Sunday Singables: "Bless the Lord (10,000 Reasons)"

"Bless the Lord (10,000 Reasons)" by Matt Redman, released on 10,000 Reasons (2011)

This video is a little different than what you'll hear on the CD recording (since this CD is live and this video is a studio recording), but I thought it was nice to actually see the man who wrote it get excited about this song and worship along with it.

Why I recommend this song for worship-

The Psalms are replete with praise to the Lord. I wonder, if you counted them, how quickly you would actually reach 10,000 reasons. It is always appropriate to recall why we should praise the Lord, as this song does in each verse, followed by an opportunity to "Bless the Lord" as a congregation. I love how the verses work through different areas in which we should be thankful, starting with creation, moving to the attributes of God, and ending with our hope of the next life. Wherever someone is as they are called to worship with this song, whether a time of trial, blessing, or weariness, they should be able to recall the Lord's blessing and praise Him for His mighty deeds.

(just click on the picture and copy it to a Word doc to use print it out or save it for later)

Changes I've Made-

The only significant change I've made is dropping the key down from C to A. That makes it a little more doable for your average singer. Matt Redman has a great voice, but, like Chris Tomlin, tends to place his songs pretty high. The key of A also lets you use some fun partial capo chords (see my post on On Jordan's Stormy Banks for those fingerings). I hope this becomes a usable song for you, and one that helps you worship our amazing God.

You can find this song on Amazon or iTunes.


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