He Causes It To Happen

"By the breath of God, ice is given, and the broad waters are frozen fast. He loads the thick cloud with moisture; the clouds scatter his lightning. They turn around and around by his guidance, to accomplish all that he commands them on the face of the habitable world. Whether for correction or for his land or for love, he causes it to happen." -Job 37:10-13

Do you ever wonder why crazy weather events happen? Do ever sit and stand amazed and the raw power of creation? Do you ask why such things take place? Job gives us a part of the answer in this passage. God is the one who causes these things to take place for whatever reason He decides. If you don't like that truth, then you have to deny God's Word, because it says it right there.

God's control means God is powerful to act in whatever way He sees fit. This should fill the Christian with confidence, knowing God is actually able to answer prayer and work in and for His creation. An impotent God means a God who isn't sovereign; a God who can listen to His people, but may not be able to act, even if He wanted to.

As you look at this storm, which I can see in the clouds overhead even 1,000 miles away, wonder at our amazing God and be thankful that God is God over all things.


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