Christian YouTube Surprise

I was recently introduced to a new artist, at least new to me, named Christina Grimmie, via YouTube. She is one of the top subscribed artists on the personal video website. I was very impressed with her vocal range and ability, especially for an 18 year old. As I listened to some of the covers she sang, I came across a very familiar song, "In Christ Alone". Here is someone that has around 300 million hits on her videos, is featured on American Idol's national tour, and she posted a video of herself singing this overtly Christian song in celebration of Easter last year.

Now, I don't personally know this artist or what she believes, but she is using this audience and her talents to share the gospel. It reminds me of Philippians 1:15-18 where Paul rejoices that, whatever the motive, the gospel is proclaimed. I'm hopeful that this artist is what she says, a believer in Christ as her Lord and savior. In an age where so many artists are blatantly against Christianity, it is refreshing to listen to a genuinely talented singer using her gifts to sing to God's glory.

Here's her version of "In Christ Alone" (I know, just ignore the fun posters if you aren't a sonic fan :-) ):


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