Sunday Singables: "Behold the Lamb"

"Behold the Lamb (Communion Hymn)" by Keith and Kristyn Getty, released on Awaken the Dawn (2009)

Our church observes communion each Sunday morning. Honestly, I love it. It hasn't grown stale and it is a wonderful reminder each week of the forgiveness found at the cross and that the Lord is coming again. This brings a unique challenge to me as a worship leader though because I need to have a song for communion each Sunday. While there are a lot of hymns out there about the cross and the death of Christ there aren't that many about communion itself. This song is a wonderful exception.

Why I recommend this song for worship-
Each verse of this song brings forward a different element of communion. It takes the singer on a journey from forgiveness of sins through the bread and cup and to our response as partakers together. It makes me think a lot about what I'm doing as I get ready to take the elements and really keeps it fresh and new. As I said earlier, there are few songs that focus solely on the Lord's Supper. This song is a great example of taking a familiar element in the service and focusing it as a worship element. Through this song the congregation will not only be prepared to take communion, but they will learn and worship throughout the process as well.

Changes I've Made-
The lead sheet I've attached is in a higher key than the recording. Getty songs are typically recorded low to fit Kristyn's alto range. The song below is in C and has the melody line as well to help learn the song. The rest is pretty much the same as on the recording. I hope you find it useful corporately and personally in your worship time.

(just click on the picture and copy/paste it into a document to save, print, and use)

You can find this song on Amazon, iTunes, or the Getty's website.
You can also find other versions of the music on the Getty's website, including a full piano score.


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