New Song: When He Comes

Our Christmas program this year is entitled "The Night Before Christmas." Part of that theme is looking at the Christmas event from the perspective of Ancient Israel, longing for Messiah to come. In a sense, we are still waiting for the fullness of that coming when Christ returns a second time. As I looked around for appropriate Christmas songs with the theme of waiting for Messiah, I didn't come up with much that would fit our context, so I just decided to write one. It does focus on the first coming of Christ, but I think it is a song to be sung throughout the year as well. I'll post the actual performance after our Christmas program next month, but for now I hope you are encouraged by the words. Some of the phrasing might be a little hard without knowing the melody, but you'll get the idea of the message of the song. Enjoy!

(click here for music for this song, now available)

When He Comes

I have prayed for oh so long, waiting for the one;
the one who'll make my sorrows cease.
The one who comes with might and power, bringing hope;
the one who'll bring me peace.

Throughout the years you've sent us prophets, priests, and kings,
and through your servants we've seen shadows of this One.
Yet, none of them brought everlasting life or peace.
When will we see Your Son

When He comes all will praise His name;
when Messiah comes.
So I'll wait and pray, longing for that day,
when He finally comes.

In darkness I had wandered, chasing selfish lies.
In blindness I did not seek You.
I didn't know that you were really seeking me,
to show me what was true.

Then Your Spirit opened my eyes to Your Word.
I read, "He saved me by His blood."
And suddenly my restless heart found rest in You,
because I saw Your Son!

Then He came and took my sins away;
adopted me with grace.
Oh, I'll sing and praise, thankful for that day,
when He finally came.

As the Savior came, one day He will come again,
but this time every eye will see
Jesus clothed in strength and power, truth and might,
reigning as our King.

Then every knee will bow, and every tongue confess
that He is Lord o'er everyone.
We will join the saints and angels at His side
the day we see Your Son.

When He comes again, coming down from heav'n,
I will sing with the redeemed.
I will praise my King, lift my voice and sing,
when He comes again.

Oh I'll wait and pray, longing for that day,
I'll sing and praise thankful for His grace,
I'll praise my King, lift my voice and sing,
when He finally comes.

© 2012 Joshua Huff  “When He Comes”  words & music by Joshua Huff


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