Martin Luther Resource

I'll have a bit more to share tomorrow. I have a wonderful date night planned with my wife and we are going to see Argo, so expect a fun movie review.

For now, I'll leave you with a great resource on Martin Luther (by the way, I always found his resemblance to Mark Deven uncanny, and a bit ironic- see picture to the left). This link will take you to Desiring God's page with John Piper's biographical message on Martin Luther, as well as the whole thing typed out if you'd rather read it. If you don't know a lot about this man but don't have time to read through a whole biography, this is your chance to learn a ton in about an hour about one of the most impactful men in the history of the church. Enjoy!

John Piper's Biographical Message and Manuscript- Martin Luther: Lessons From His Life and Labor


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