Waterproof Smartphones

I recently read an article stating that we are just a few short years away from affordable waterproof smartphones. While that does mean we can go back to not worrying about pushing someone into a swimming pool, it also means that the last bastion of cell-phone freedom will be disappearing forever. I'm talking, of course, about the shower.

I love taking showers. There is something about the hot water and the peace and quiet of no technology. I did attempt for a time to do the whole shower radio thing, but that quickly broke. Having a place where technology can't get to you is kind of nice, though. You can be alone with your thoughts, pray, sing, and of course get clean. I remember just a few short years ago when you couldn't get cell phone service in certain areas, like on a cruise or on an airplane. Those places were true escapes from being connected to the world. I remember my father-in-law would take cruises specifically because the office couldn't reach him by phone or email because the internet didn't stretch that far.

Now we have wifi everywhere, cell service everywhere, and soon we'll be able to even check our Facebook  text a friend, or instagram a pinteresting youtube video. Well, in the words of Drunk Uncle, "Spotify care!" I am taking a stand and declaring my shower a sacred non-technology spot. Enough already with the constant demands of my attention. I need a space where I can be free from all that and just think. If the shower is the place for it, then that's fine with me.

Seriously though, I think we all need to think about how much time we spend connected to everything else. Believe it or not, there was a time when people just sat on their porches, sipped iced tea, and just thought about life, or read a book made of paper, or talked with their neighbors. Maybe we've lost something with all our technology. I, for one, will hold onto my last bastian of un-connectivity and will enjoy my nice long showers.


  1. Switch to our cell carrier. Then you can have unexpected un-connectivity in random places to enjoy daily.


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