Sunday Singables: "Take My Life"

(Our annual Winter Camp kept me away from the computer on Sunday, so here is this week's Singable, only 1 day late :-) )

"Take My Life" original words by Frances Havergal (1874), new arrangement by Chris Tomlin, released on Hymns: Ancient and Modern by Passion Worship Band

Why I recommend this song for worship-

This past Sunday was the first of the season of lent. When this season was first celebrated by the early church, its purpose was to prepare one for the celebration of Easter that was soon to come. Each person would fast regularly and take extra time each day for prayer, confession, and reflection on Christ and His death and resurrection. This song is particularly appropriate for this season as it speaks of committing all aspects of our life to God. This new melody speaks the same words of the old hymn Take My Life and Let It Be. Each line commits a different aspect of our behavior and our abilities to the Lord's service. As we worship the Lord, it is very appropriate, especially as a corporate body of believers, to sing of our service to God and to worship Him with all that we are.

Changes I've Made- 

I really like this melody and arrangement, especially the chorus which Chris Tomlin added. The only thing I have adjusted from the recording is that I like to keep most of the song quiet and meditative. On the recording it builds pretty big with many repeated choruses. That's just my preference and it depends on the place and time you are singing the song. However you do it, this is a great song to end a service with as the church heads into the world to be God's instruments to spread His glory.

(just click & copy/paste this into a document to print and play along)

This song is available for download from Amazon and iTunes.


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