Questions for Kids about Christianity

It is hard to teach young children about our faith in Christ without the proper tools. This was something Martin Luther knew well. It inspired him to come up with his Shorter Catechism to help instruct children about Christianity with simple questions and answers. Since his time many others have followed in his steps, creating catechisms of their own to help young people know the faith better.

A few years ago, our family started doing this too, but we came up with some modified questions, based roughly on Luther and the New City Catechisms. Our kids (all 6 and under) really take to them and memorized them pretty quickly. They have been helpful to us, and maybe they will be helpful for you as well. As you will see, they are very simple which means they don't cover the entirety of what these answers could be, but just give the basics so kids can understand. So, without further adieu, here is a sample of our children's catechism, or "Questions for Kids about Christianity."

Part 1: God

Q: Who made you? / A: God.

Q: What else did God make? / A: Everything.

Q: Who made God? / A: No one; God was always here.

Q: How powerful is God? / A: All-powerful

Q: Where is God? / A: Everywhere

Q: What does God know? / A: Everything

Q: How good it God? / A: Totally good

Q: What does it mean that God is sovereign? / A: He controls everything

Q: Who is God? / A: The Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit

Q: Who is the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit / A: The Trinity

Part 2: The Spirit, Christ, and Redemption

Q: What does the Holy Spirit do? / A: He lives in us, prays for us, and tells us what to do.

Q: Who is God's Son? / A: Jesus.

Q: What are the offices of Jesus? / A: Prophets, Priest, and King.

Q: What did Jesus come to do? / A: Die and rise again.

Q: Why did Jesus have to die and rise again? / A: To pay for our sin.

Q: What is sin? / A: Disobeying God.

Q: How sinful are you? / A: Totally sinful.

Q: Who did Jesus die for? / A: Everyone who believes

Q: What is grace? / A: Getting what I don't deserve.

Q: What is faith? / A: Believing that God will do what He promised.

Part 3: Us and The Church

Q: What are you supposed to do? / A: Bring God glory.

Q: How do you bring God glory? / A: Obey and sing songs (worship)

Q: Who are you supposed to obey? / A: Mommy, Daddy, and the Bible

Q: What is the Bible? / A: God's Word

Q: What are the parts of the bible? / A: The Old Testament and the New Testament.

Q: What do we do on Sundays? / A: Go to church.

Q: What do we do at church? / A: Serve God, learn about God, and worship God.

Q: What are we waiting for? / A: Jesus to come back!

*These are a sample of the questions we use and a good place to start.


  1. I love this, Josh! I pinned it on Pinterest!

  2. Thanks Eryka! These questions have been so great for our kids. It's especially neat to see them remember the answers during the rest of the day when we talk to them about sin or grace. I'm glad the Bible is already sticking with them.

  3. Josh, this is awesome. Do you have a complete list you could email me?


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