Easter Sunday Singables: "Hail the Day"

During these Sundays of Lent leading up to Easter I'll be featuring a different song focused on the resurrection of Christ. We will be doing some of these at our own services leading up to and on the day of Easter.

"Hail the Day" by Steve and Vikki Cook, original lyrics adapted from Charles Wesley, released on Risen from Sovereign Grace Music (2011)

Why I recommend this song for Easter worship-

I chose this song for our Easter service because of it's lyrics, it's simplicity, and it's very singable and choir friendly chorus and bridge. It is a song that focuses us back on Christ's resurrection with joy and worship while also pointing us forward to the promise of Christ bringing us home to be with Him. It consistently shifts the focus to Christ and His work and when it does sing of us, it is in the context of who we are in Christ. This is a song that could very easily be introduced at Easter and then added to the regular worship catalog of the church. It could be done with a soloist, choir, or worship team as well as with a variety of instrumentations.

Changes I've made-

You can download many versions of this song for free from Sovereign Grace's website. I've posted the main link below. What I've done with the lead sheet I attached was write in some vocal parts to do two part harmony with a choir or worship team on the chorus and bridge. These are pretty simple, but should add a nice depth with whatever group you have. I also have this in the key of E which is right in the middle of most people's ranges.

This is adapted from the lead sheet linked below
(just click & copy/paste this into a document to use)

This song is available from Amazon and iTunes.


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