Sunday Singables: "When He Comes"

Each Sunday of Advent I'll be featuring a different Christmas song we use in our worship. Hopefully, you'll be introduced to some new and engaging songs that will bring freshness to your personal and corporate worship. (12.2 - O Sing a Song of Bethlehem / 12.9 - Christ the Lord is Born Today / 12.16 - When He Comes / 12.23 - In the First Light)

"When He Comes" by Joshua Huff (2012)

(this is a live recording, performed at our annual Christmas concert
by my wife Moriah and myself in December, 2012)

Why I recommend this song for worship-

I love the Christmas season. Each year we celebrate one of the most significant events in recorded history, but it isn't the most significant. In fact, it is really Christ's life, death, and resurrection which bring importance to His birth. What I've tried to do with this song is capture the complete scope of Christ's coming. It begins with looking forward from the perspective of an Old Testament saint, longing for Messiah to come. The middle verse is about Christ coming into an individual's life at salvation. The song concludes by looking forward to Christ's second coming.

My goal was that this song would move our focus along the timeline of God's redemptive plan, from Christ to the Church to His second coming. After all, the whole point of what we do is to grow the Kingdom "until He comes (1 Cor. 11:26)." That is why we celebrate communion, pursue missions,  and disciple new believers. Everything we do points to that ultimate goal of Christ's second coming, the goal which found its beginning in the birth of Christ.

Changes I've Made-

Since I wrote this song, I didn't really change anything. I hope to get a better quality recording someday, but for now the YouTube version will have to suffice. This may fall more into the special music realm than a congregational song, but I do think the melody is pretty easy to pick up and would be an encouraging one for all to sing.

This is a 3-page song due to the different lyrics for the chorus, so I've just attached the link for the .pdf version of the song for you to use.

--> Click here for the .pdf chord chart of "When He Comes"


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