Sunday Singables: "In the First Light"

Each Sunday of Advent I'll be featuring a different Christmas song we use in our worship. Hopefully, you'll be introduced to some new and engaging songs that will bring freshness to your personal and corporate worship. (12.2 - O Sing a Song of Bethlehem / 12.9 - Christ the Lord is Born Today / 12.16 - When He Comes / 12.23 - In the First Light)

"In the First Light" written by Bob Kauflin (1988), arranged by Todd Agnew, released on Do You See What I See (2006)

Why I recommend this song for worship-

This is another wonderful Christmas song which emphasizes the importance of Christ's life, death, and resurrection. As it examines Christ's first coming, it points us forward to His return, blending In the First Light with Do You See What I See? in a wonderful way. We performed this song in both our Christmas concert and morning worship service. While the melody may be difficult at first for congregational singing, the message is worth the effort. It also gives you the chance to involve many people in telling the song's story. I always leave this song feeling encouraged and expectant for the Lord's return.

Changes I've Made-

The only change I've made in my lead sheet is lowering the key by half a step. This is a little easier for the average musician and more singable for your soloists. I've attached the chord chart as a .pdf since it is two pages. You can order the actual sheet music for piano online (link below) and put it in whatever key you would like for only $5. I hope this song is an encouragement as we draw ever nearer to Christmas.

-->Click here for the chord chart .pdf of In the First Light

-->Click here for the link to purchase sheet music

This song is available from Amazon or iTunes.


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