Sunday Singables: "More Than Amazing"

"More Than Amazing" by Lincoln Brewster, released on Real Life (2010)

Why I recommend this song for worship-

During the worship service there should be opportunities for instruction and response. After learning about our great God, sometimes all we can say or sing is "Hallelujah!" or "You are amazing!" Once the mind has been engaged with truths from God's Word, it is very appropriate for our affections to kick in with a joyful heart. This is what I would call a more affectionate worship song. It has some great truths in the verses about the life and work of Christ which lead into a wonderful chorus. It is very satisfying to sing this after a message filled with truth. The tune is easy to pick up for a congregation and there is even choir music available to make it into a larger offering if you have the means.

Changes I've Made- 

When we've sung this with our choir, as we did this morning in worship, we sang it as written. The other times when it has been a more flexible group, like our praise team, we've changed the bridge. I've included those changes in the lead sheet attached at the bottom of the page. The original bridge reminded me of the old hymn "I Stand Amazed", so when we do this we sing the chorus to that hymn, the first verse, another hymn chorus, then shift back to the chorus of the song. I've found that this welcomes those who appreciate the older hymns into this new song as well as introducing chorus people to some of the great songs of the past.

-->Click here for the .pdf of both lead sheets for this song

This song is available to download from Amazon and iTunes.


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