Sunday Singables: "Do You Tremble"

"Do You Tremble" by Wes King, released on Common Creed

This is an oldie, well, an oldie where I come from, but your kids are gonna love it. I first heard this in junior high back in the '90s when CCM was in its hayday and Sonic Flood's worship album was the first of its kind. We still use it in our worship services and here's why:

Why I recommend this song for worship:

God's Word should be the centerpiece of our time together on Sunday morning. This is how God speaks to us and how He continues to reveal Himself. In our service or worship, God's Word comes to us through scripture reading, biblical texts in the songs we sing, and through preaching. As we prepare our hearts to hear God's Word it is helpful to be able to pray scripture or sing scripture to help in that preparation. Songs like Show Us Christ, and Speak, O Lord are good choices for this (both of which will be featured soon). I would add this one to the mix of great songs that call us to have a reverence and a humility as we get ready to hear from the Word.

Changes I've Made-

The Wes King arrangement is a bit dated, but still good. I've done this song with just a voice and guitar, or an acoustic group with some hand percussion and a piano, as well as with a full band with electric guitar, drums, and bass. The melody is pretty singable and simple to learn and lends itself well to either special music or congregational singing. I've attached lead sheets for the keys of E and D, so use whichever one works better for you.

(just click & copy/paste this into a document to print and play along)

This song is available from Amazon & iTunes.


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