Sunday Singables: "Your Grace Still Amazes Me"

"Your Grace Still Amazes Me" by Shawn Craig & Connie Harrington, released by Phillips, Craig and Dean on Let My Words Be Few (2001)

I was first introduced to this song in college. Many artists have covered it, including Phillips, Craig and Dean (linked above) as well as Steve Green. There is also a choral arrangement available which sounds pretty sweet.

Why I recommend this song for worship-

Our church is working it's way through the book of Romans. One of the common themes of this book is reflecting on God's grace and how that grace should motivate us towards obedience. In chapter six, where we were this morning, the argument is brought up that we could perhaps sin more since that will make God's grace towards us increase. This is a backwards way of looking at grace. If we stand amazed as what God has done in His patience towards us, we should be motivated to obey and please God. That is where this song is helpful. It encourages us emotionally to stand amazed at God's grace and to see it in a fresh way. It also reminds us to think about what grace truly is and how we can never repay God for what He has done (i.e. that is why it's called grace).

Being amazed at the grace of God is foundational for true worship. God's grace is where salvation starts in a sinner's heart and it is where we come into contact with the cross. God's grace is our motivation to serve Him and to love each other. Our actions which flow from salvation are all caught up in this idea of worshiping because of God's grace. That is why I love this song and why we sang it this morning in our service.

Changes I've Made-

I haven't adjusted too much with this song. I've even kept the lead sheet linked below in the same key as the recording. The only thing I modify when we do this song is to make it a little more upbeat beginning with the second verse. I also like to build pretty significantly the volume and intensity of the song during the bridge so that the final chorus is really passionate and full. At that point in the song I really want to sing out and having a fuller sound with more instruments enables me to really sing out without feeling like I'm ruining the quiet mood. I hope you find this song useful and encouraging as you think about God's grace in your own life.

(just click, copy, and paste into a document to view, print, and play along)

This song (performed by Phillips, Craig and Dean) is available from Amazon and iTunes.


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