Sunday Singables: "God Moves"

"God Moves" original words by William Cowper, music and additional words by Bob Kauflin, released by Sovereign Grace Music on Worship God Live (2005)

Why I recommend this song for worship-

This song has been incredibly encouraging to me over the years. The doctrine of God's sovereignty over all things is one of the most comforting teachings from scripture. This song explains this with amazing poetic imagery and Biblical truth. The chorus that is added gives a chance for the worshiper to respond with trust and adoration to God. Another benefit to singing this song is that it speaks to those hurting or going through trial. Many songs call us to rejoice in the midst of great blessing, but this song encourages us to rest in God even when everything around us is falling apart.

Changes I've Made- 

The only real change I make when we do this song is in the tempo. We tend to take it a bit slower than the recording in order to make singing the words a little easier for the congregation. Otherwise, we do it pretty much the same way as on the recording, including the tags and other things at the end of the song. There are a few other versions of this song out there, including one from Indelible Grace, but this is the one I've found to be the most singable and personally enjoyable. I hope you like it as well.

(just click on the image & copy/paste it into a document to play along)

This song is available from Amazon, iTunes, and Sovereign Grace Music.


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