Sunday Singables: "Better Is One Day"

"Better Is One Day" written by Matt Redman, released on Passion: Better Is One Day (1999)

This is the first version I ever heard of this song, released after one of the first Passion celebrations in 1999. Their most recent gathering in Atlanta numbered around 60,000 youth at the Georgia Dome.

Why I recommend this song for worship- 

This song is an echo of Psalm 84. As such, it serves the church well as we are able to sing scripture directly back to God and as an encouragement to one another. It also focuses us on our eternal destination, the courts of God. The melody is very singable and fairly easy to pick up. The rich verses are echoed by a very affectionate chorus which should be our hearts cry as we apply this song: "Better is one day in your courts than a thousand elsewhere (from Psalm 84:10)."

Changes I've Made-

The only thing that I wasn't as thrilled about was the second verse of this song. It is a simple phrase repeated twice. I wanted to add a focus on Christ, so instead of repeating the first phrase of verse two I added in a new phrase about focusing on Christ. The key is also slightly different (E), but sounds great with a partial capo (see previous post about those chords). All of the changes I mentioned are in the lead sheet below. I hope this classic worship song from the last century serves you and your worship well.

(just click, copy, and paste it into a document to play along)

This song is available for download from Amazon and iTunes.


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