Sunday Singables: "Behold Our God"

"Behold Our God" written by the Bairds, released by Sovereign Grace Music on Risen (2011)

I heard this song originally on their Risen album, then at the Together for the Gospel conference in 2012. You can also listen to "Behold Our God" as a live version on the Together for the Gospel Live II album.

Why I recommend this song for worship-

Some of the most cherished moments in scripture are when God chooses to reveal Himself to one of His servants. The reaction, whether from Moses, Isaiah, Elijah, Job, or others, is always the same, speechless awe and wonder. This song captures that story. The verses of this song speak of the wonder of God's character, revealed through his work in the unfolding drama of redemtion's story. The chorus enables the worshiper to respond appropriately, singing "Come, let us adore Him." How else can we respond when confronted with who God is? There is also an expressive bridge which can be done with men's and lady's separate, or with different sections of the congregation. We are introducing this song in church this week and I'm excited to worship with it.

Changes I've Made-

I play this song pretty much how Sovereign Grace has released it. I use the Lead sheet linked below. It has everything on one page in the wonderful key of C. We'll have to adapt all the parts to our context, but overall it is a very singable song as is. I hope you find it helpful and encouraging.

--> Here is the link to Sovereign Grace's page for this song
--> Here is the link to the Guitar Chord Chart
--> Here is the link to the Lead Sheet with melody line
--> Here is the link to the Piano music

This song is available from Amazon and iTunes.


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