Resolved to Memorize- Grace Unmeasured

Grace is one of the most important themes in all scripture. It is the heart of the Gospel- getting what we don't deserve. I love how this song captures so many of the nuances of this simple word, borrowing some great theology from Ephesians 1-2, wrapping it all up in beautiful poetry.

When you think about the grace of God in your life, what comes to mind? Does this idea begin and end with your justification, or does it continue into the daily routine of your everyday life? Something this song brings to the definition of grace is its ongoing nature. Grace didn't end when we were justified and adopted. Grace "abounds" as this song says in verse 2. It continues to flow, giving us the desires to be like Christ and strengthening us with the Spirit to act on those desires. This song also reminds us of the finishing work of grace, how it brings God's work in us to completion (Philippians 1:6) as we go through the doors of death into our eternal reward.

The chorus summarizes the fullness of the grace in this way:
  • Justification- Grace paid for my sins and brought me to life (Ephesians 2:4-6)
  • Sanctification- Grace clothes me with pow'r to do what is right (Romans 13:14)
  • Glorification- Grace will lead me to heav'n where I'll see Your face, and never cease to thank You for Your grace. (1 Corinthians 15:50-58)
As I work on memorizing this song I hope you'll find encouragement in it as well. Grace works in our lives despite our sin, only because of God. It doesn't depend on our obedience or how we feel. By definition grace depends wholly on Him, which is a good thing because if it were dependent on me I would've screwed it up long ago. Rely on His grace as you roll out of bed, as you work, as you eat, as you laugh, as you cry, as you rest. His grace justifies and adopts, but it is so much more than that. It continues, it works, it saves to the uttermost. Praise God for His unmeasured, vast, abounding, unending, amazing grace!


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