New Posts for the New Year

After almost an entire year off I think it's time to get blogging again. I have a few new things I'll be writing about throughout the year, some in relation to my ministry at Hixson Pres, some just personal musings about life.

One of my resolutions for the new year is to memorize more of the songs we do in worship. You can read more about that in my upcoming posts. Each week I'll feature the songs that I'm memorizing as well as a lead sheet and some thoughts. I'm hopeful this will detach me from my written music more and help me engage with the Lord and the congregation more effectively.

The other regular feature will be a weekly promise from scripture. We'll be reading through 52 promises from God's Word as a regular part of our liturgy and I'll put those up during the week before we read them on Sunday.

My desire is that you'll be encouraged and helped in your personal time of worship during the week. This will also help me to be active in my own preparation for worship each week.

Thanks for sticking with me and Happy New Year!


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