Sunday Singables: Mothers' Day

Today is Mothers' Day. I love that we celebrate this day on a Sunday where we can be reminded of the joy of new life that mothers bring as well as the new life we receive from our heavenly Father. Over the years I've enjoyed the legacy of music, as well as many other things, that my mother has left me. So, rather than feature one particular worship song, here are just a couple "Mothers" songs. The first is a new one from the Getty's that my wonderful wife and mother of our three girls sang this morning in our service. The second is one that my Mom has sang often on this special day as I was growing up. I hope this day is special for you mothers out there.

"A Mother's Prayer" sung by Kristyn Getty (2012)

"Little Boy on His Knees" sung by Cheri Keaggy (1994)

(...not sure who this family is, but the song is what I remember)


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