Easter Sunday Singables: "Atonement Satisfied"

During these Sundays of Lent leading up to Easter I'll be featuring a different song focused on the death and resurrection of Christ.

"Atonement Satisfied" by Joshua Huff, written in 2011 (not professionally recorded yet)

I wrote this song for our Easter service in 2011. The recording above took place in early 2013 and features our worship team from a morning service.

Why I recommend this song for worship-

So much of the emphasis around Good Friday and Easter is on the physical side of the death and resurrection of Christ. Certainly we shouldn't ignore the physical torment Christ went through and conquered. However, scripture spends a ton of time on the spiritual side of what happened on the cross. This song seeks to expound on the conquering of the sin which began in Adam and continues through our response as redeemed people. As I put together the lyrics for this song my goal was to get us to think deeply about the spiritual transaction that took place on the cross and how God's demand for atonement was completely satisfied through the death of Christ for all who believe in Him.

Changes I've Made-

We sing this song exactly as it is recorded. On Easter, or other times when the choir sings with us, we do have choir parts to add to the melody the congregation sings.


(just click & copy/paste these into a document to print and play along)

An .mp3 of this song is available upon request, as are the vocal parts for the choir.


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