Sunday Singables: "Thy Mercy, My God"

"Thy Mercy, My God" by John Stocker (1776), released by Indelible Grace on Pilgrim Days: Indelible Grace II and by Caedmon's Call on In the Company of Angels: A Call to Worship

Our church will begin its study through the book of Romans this week. That book always makes me think about the grace and mercy of God. God's mercy (not getting what we do deserve) should focus us on Christ. After all, what we deserved fell upon Him at the cross. We will be using this song in worship throughout our study in Romans and beyond, and it is already a favorite for our youth ministry.

Why I recommend this song for worship-

This song has a very flowing, folkish melody that I really enjoy singing. The range isn't too broad and they way the melody flows, it's as if each verse is telling a little story. This is also a very deep song theologically. It isn't difficult to understand, but you could really spend a good amount of time going meditating on each phrase of the song. The singability, text, and story of this song make it a great one for congregational worship. It does what every great worship song should do, enrich our affections with the truth of the gospel then give us an outlet to express that with our voices.

Changes I've Made- 

The only change you'll notice in the lead sheet vs. the recording is the extra verse. This was written by a classmate in college and matches the theme of the song while adding a little Calvinism into the mix. The "hallelujah's" at the end of verse 4 and at the end are optional. Your congregation might take a bit to get used to that ending, but it is a nice way to finish the song, rejoicing over God's truth. If you want to add those in, just keep vamping on the G and C like you do in the beginning.

(just click on the picture and copy it to a Word doc to play along with the song)

This song is available for download from amazon and itunes. (these are the same as the above recording, from Caedmon's Call's worship album)


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