Jesus' Wife? How should we respond

So now we are hearing that Jesus was married, again. If you haven't heard this rumor/story/teaching/whatever you want to call it, you'll hear it soon enough. I first came across this idea reading the FICTION book The Da Vinci Code which many took to be a fiction book based on actual events from the life of Christ. Now the issue of Jesus being married is in the news again. You can see it on Fox News, CNN, and even SNL's Weekend Update. Every is excited that this time we have concrete proof from a more reputable source, or is it so reputable?

I found this article extremely helpful in having not only a Biblical, but a logically scientific approach to the new document that some are saying proves that Jesus had a wife. I hope it helps you out as you engage in conversation with others about this news story.

The Far Less Sensational Truth about Jesus Wife (from The Gospel Coalition)


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