No Condemnation- Wed. Study

No Condemnation. That was the theme from today's time in the word. It was strange to go live in front of... 2 people? I was just glad to teach again. I love the lesson planning and study. Teaching others always causes me to know my subject matter more deeply. I'm not sure what will come of these times together on Wed. morning, but I'll leave that in God's hands as I take it a week at a time.

In case you missed it, I was mostly in the book of Romans after a singing "Come Ye Sinners". That song is a great reminder of the grace of God and that He calls us just as we are: weak, weary, sick, and sore. Jesus is the one that saves us, not our works. If we try to save ourselves then we'll never come to Him at all. Praise God that He has done the work of salvation!

As we think about God's grace, there is always the temptation to rely too much on it. I don't mean at all that we shouldn't trust in grace alone for our salvation. I more mean that we may presume upon God's grace as Paul cautions against in Romans 6. We may feel like we can sin whenever we want and just say "Forgive me" and it'll be all better. While God's grace abounds to cover every sin, how can we who have died to sin still live in it? We can't. If we are truly in Christ then we will bear the fruit of that salvation which means fleeing sin and pursuing holiness. But what does that look like, and how do we avoid the perils of falling into legalism, trusting in our obedience rather than the Lord? More on that next week.


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