God the Judge- Psalm 7

It's been a while since I've posted. A lot of that is due to my efforts, through the Spirit, to kill off some idols of self-promotion. I'm still chugging away at memorizing songs and learning, but what I share will be a bit more sporadic.

Lately I've been meditating a lot on the Psalms. My quiet time had me in Psalm 7 today. As I reflected on that the idea of God's judgment came to mind. In this Psalm, David asks for God to judge the wicked, knowing that he himself is a man who walks in righteousness. He seek to judge the wicked himself, despite his statements of personal integrity. That is just a unique view on things given our world today. In our culture it seems the more a person is self-righteous the more judgmental they are. Scripture tells us that the more righteous we are, the more we let God be the judge and leave it at that.

With all that going through my mind I decided to right a poem regarding what I had learned. So, here it is...

I see such sorrow I can't end,
  wrought by haughty wicked men.
Abuse, oppression, crafty foes,
  what can I do against such woes?

My trust is in my righteous God
  whose Son was sent, this earth to trod,
as Servant King, the Judge, God's Word,
  the agent of the LORD's whet sword.

Yet in His grace He tarries long,
  to save all those who sing the song
of sorrow for their crimes of sin
  and ways that have strayed far from Him,
who find their refuge in His arms,
  who wait for His ten thousand charms.

The wickedness of man won't last,
  his evil schemes will surely pass.
The lies with which he fills his bed
  will twist and fall upon his head.
All he has birthed to bring him breath
  has led to his eternal death.

And so I trust in Christ alone,
  the One on the eternal throne,
and worship as His Day draws nigh,
  and sing to Him, the LORD, Most High!

-from Psalm 7


  1. Praise God! Thank you for sharing this.


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