Sunday Singables: "You Are God Alone"

"You Are God Alone (Not a God)" by Philips, Craig, and Dean, released on Let the Worshippers Arise (2004)

Why I recommend this song for worship-

As we come before the Lord in worship, it is important to remember Who we are worshiping. We aren't coming before a famous singer or venerated politician. We aren't about to see our favorite sports team play. This is God we are addressing. This song reminds us of who God is and why He is worthy of our worship. It takes the focus off us and fixes our eyes on the Father. The melody honors the lyrics and lets us build on different themes emotionally and musically. This song has always been a great reminder to me of God's sovereignty and leaves me standing in awe that He could love someone like me.

Changes I've Made-

I haven't adjusted too much with this one. They keys posted below are both pretty singable, but I would recommend doing it in A (or G with capo 2 for guitar). Any lower and the verses get hard to sing. This song is great for coming right out of a scripture reading (we typically read selections from Job 37 or a similar Psalm about God's greatness) or to close a set of songs focusing on God's sovereignty, power, or other attributes. It is a pretty familiar one to most Christians because it is played on the radio a lot. Hopefully it will be a good one for your setting as well.

(just click & copy/paste this into a document to print and play along)

This song is available to download from Amazon and iTunes.


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